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    For you people who have gotten a Treo 600 GSM, whether it be from over seas or your hookups working at Cingular...
    Can you please post some picks of your silver beauty for us have nots to see?
    I woke up this morning jonesin' because I finally got to hold/play with a Treoo 600 at my local Sprint store.

    Just make a have not somewhat happy by posting pics of your GSM while we bide our time until the day we are no longer the have nots
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    I got it from, it arrived on Monday
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    Originally posted by Alacrity
    I got it from, it arrived on Monday
    i've posted this prior, also got mine from adam at gsmphonesource, and the voice quality on mine is just terrible- do you have any issues with yours sounding distorted on voice calls just using the earpiece? sounds like the amp is overdriving the speaker on mine...
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    The voice quality on mine is very good, detailed, and with a nice volume range. No overdriving problems at all.

    RF reception is also very good, on par with the Nokias.

    I would think you've got bum hardware.
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    Originally posted by Alacrity
    I got it from, it arrived on Monday
    Nice! Thanks for posting the pic.
    I was thinking about ordering from Adam myself.
    Not sure if I can swallow the price though.

    Which cell company are you using with the Treo?
    How's web browser speed?

    Thanks again!
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    I am using it with my existing Cingular SIM card, but I've also had a T-Mobile card in it which worked just fine (the phone appears to be unlocked.)

    The browser speed is good, I like Blazer a lot better than Opera on Nokia Series 60. The only disappointing thing is that I can't receive calls while in the browser or snappermail or anything else that is using GRPS. The previous smartphones I've used have allowed simultaneous use of voice and data. Heck, even the T610 and Z600 can take incoming calls while supporting GPRS connections over bluetooth. Makes me wonder how well the GoodLink client is going to work..

    Build quality is good on my unit, the screen is underwhelming in resolution, but it's very bright. So far the camera has been pretty disappointing in color quality, but I haven't spent much time playing with it yet.

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