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    I have just taken delivery of my Treo 600 case from

    They have two types available, a flip style and a cell style one.

    I bought both together, both seem to be very well built, the Flip style offers more protection but makes it difficult to use the Treo as a phone, the cell style solves this problem but offers less protection

    I tend to use the one suitable for that days work. If i need access to a phone then i use the cell type. If i need the protection and more likely a PDA then i use that one.

    Anyway, nice to see some alternative cases coming onto the market for the 600.

    BTW they shipped to the UK in just 3 days!!
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    Hi there,

    Could you try the camera and see if it works while it's inside the case? It looked from the pictures at the site that it was partially covered. It'd be highly annoying if the camera doesn't work because of this.


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