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    Would like to see photos shot on my Treo 600 on my Mac, but can't find them on the machine....

    Any suggestions?

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    The Treo Software doesn't backup pictures to a Mac during Hotsync so, I bought a small USB SD card reader. I save the pictures from my Treo 600 to an SD card then transfer them to my Mac.

    The SD card reader I got is a called the ZIO! It was cheap and has come in handy when I want to transfer a large amount of files to a memory card. It's faster than Hotsyncing.
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    Yep, same answer here. I just wish the Treo Pictures program had a single command to transfer all pics to the memory card... is there? Transferring them one by one is a pain!

    Also, for a card reader, watch the ads... there's often a sale+rebate that brings the things down to free. Two weeks ago I picked up a 6-in-1 reader for next to nothing.
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    Go to picures. Hit menu...Select All. Hit Menu Move. Select the card, change move to copy and your done.

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