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    If u already know this trick, u won't be impressed. But for the rest of us, the ones that are just learning this, u will be blown away by how useful this is.

    So... Let's say u want 2 listen 2 pocketTunes through your handspring-issued single-ear earbud. (That's right, I am talking about that crappy mono dipole thing with the button on it that came in the box for your Treo 600)

    So u want 2 listen 2 pTunes... Even in one ear? U don't want to use the stereo headphones? U just want to hear in 1 ear until a call comes in, right?

    TRY THIS!!!!

    HOLD DOWN YOUR MICROPHONE "ANSWER BUTTON" while music (PTunes) is playing with your (crappy mono) Handspring earbud plugged in. In other words, hold down that round little "answer" button next to the microphone.

    It works, I swear. try it right now! It ain't the best sound, but it works! In fact, you can listen to PocketTunes until a call comes in, then just double tap on the Answer button and it will cut off the music to answer the call.

    (this tip was 'borrowed' from another forum.... in fact, elsewhere it was also suggested how to use a velcro strap to hold down the mic button until a call comes in, and how to slide it off when the ringtone is heard through the headphones)

    mods: can I post some pics and/or links about how someone can keep the button held down until a call comes in (which of course they will hear because the ringtone through your earbud) ????
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