I'm trying to hack my Boxster's radio to accept input from my iPod and now my much awaited Treo 600 so I can play MP3s through the car's stereo system. I found this site that sells the necessary parts for the Becker radio that comes in many German cars and thought I'd share it with the group...


We now have a Telephone power cable, 5001.524-276. This allows power/phone mute to the existing car wires without any cutting. The price is $5.00 (list).

OEM Becker Radio removal keys, BNA-1184.989 ($1.76 set) Plus $5.00 small order handling fee

To add additional amplifiers use low-level audio adapter, 1185.640-276 ($16.60).

Speaker/power plug is 1163.736-276 ( $14.00)

Phone mute/Aux audio-in/Tel audio-in/Removal keys in one kit is, 1319.116-276 ($16.40)

To order please call our parts department at (888) 423-3537 x1209