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    In my quest to find the perfect corporate email application I really believe this to be the one:

    Good Link

    It supports true integration with Outlook calendar, real attachment support (it actually opens files in their native format), supports embedded hyperlinks for URL's and phone numbers, has an awesome interface, and even provides access to CRM systems. I also noticed that they really went after the Treo600 market and seem to really push integration of their product with the 600.

    The problem is that it is ONLY available as a server based product & our IT department would never approve of such a thing. I REALLY wish they had a desktop addition.

    In the meantime I will plug away with Seven's software available through Sprint in hopes that they can offer a product comparable to Good's at some point.

    Basejet, Visto and some of the others were also solutions I looked at but they alll had their own unique strengths and flaws.
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    I have been using GoodLink for the last couple of weeks and I love it. It took a while to get used to some of the oddities and non Palm OS feel to some things but now I dont know how I could go back to something like Treo Mail.

    My mail arrives about 2 seconds after I see it popup on my Outlook client on my PC. This is superior to the RIM experience in my opinion - you always feel locked out with RIM devices which lack a touchpanel. You get phone, email, calendar, to dos, access to corporate exchange address book plus all the Palm OS goodies you want. Besides a couple of minor flaws, it is a beauty. I never see any device instability while using it.
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    I am very jealous. From the demonstration video it appears to allow opening of documents in Docs to Go or Quick Office. Can you confirm this? Any idea on pricing? Also what are the minor flaws you mention?

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    Are you using GoodLink with a Treo600, or some other model?


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