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    I am seeing some red flags on this auction but wanted to see what all of you think.....

    Treo 600 on eBay

    I contacted the seller directly and he says he has more for $275/each which includes shipping...

    Why am I skeptical.....
    1, New eBay profile for Seller
    2. Feedback is all protected with the 2 buyers having no feedback
    3. This auction buyer emails are protected so no way to contact them on the deal after it is over to see if legitimate
    4. Price seems very good....$275 shipping included
    5. Picture is of Treo 600 for GSM and narrative says SprintPCS
    6. Check or Money Order Only
    7. Profile "Name" and Person to make check out to are 2 seperate names - not even remotely alike

    I sent an email back to the seller asking for a picture of the actual phone we shall see what response I get. I also asked about the discrepancy in the description verus the picture (sprint vs. GSM model)....
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    "If it looks too good to be true, it probably is"
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    Looks like fraud to me. We hear horror stories all the time frm people getting burned on eBay with Pocket PC, PDAs, and phones with prices too good to be true. Sellers are almost always new, little feedback, only accept check/money orders.

    As they say, "if it's too good to be true...".

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    Everything about that auction screams "DON'T!"
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    Look at the guys feedback, he is listed as the seller for both of the prior auctions, yet the feedback from raulchaing is "thanks for the fast payment..." Why would the seller be paying anyone? This guy has set up some bogus accounts and straw transactions so he could leave himself this feedback. It's b#%@s&*%$.
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    Note also that both feedback responses are from accounts with zero feedback as well and were posted within 2 minutes of one another. The only 2 possible scenarios for this auction are:

    1. It's a sham. Do not bid or even bother trying to contact the seller.

    2. The Treos he's selling are stolen and he's trying to unload them on eBay. That's the only explanation for the low reserve price. If this is the case, then I guess someone will end up with a Treo for cheap, but I sure as hell wouldn't send money to someone without a considerable amount of positive feedback on his account.
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    Obviously a SCAM. Notice how he has made it a private auction so that you can't see who is actually running the bids up.

    Easy way to defeat the scammer, tell him you will buy one if you can pay COD.
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    I agree - not a good idea - I like the COD idea. Perfect.

    people are just horrible sometimes.
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    eBay safeharbor contacted since there are 3 auctions ending in 23 hours with several bidders for his "goods"....I would hate to see any get scammed!

    I did contact him for more info early on and got an address to send the $ to....

    We shall see if eBay is on the watch and shuts down the auctions....
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    keep us up to date - I really hope someone doesn't get scammed!
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    If anyone is looking for a Treo 600, I have one for sale on eBay. It is brand new in the box. I won a contest, and already have a T600. Here is the link:

    If you are interested, please bid or contact me for more information. Thanks.
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    The item link no longer works. I guess eBay or the user pulled the auction.

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    Just for fun, I submitted a bid last night after reading this thread. Had the below email from ebay loss prevention when I got up this am:
    We are writing to inform you that we recently ended all listings for seller jsilva05 on eBay. The sellerís privileges to trade on eBay have been temporarily suspended while we investigate this matter further. (The current account status can be viewed next to the user ID of the seller on the eBay site.).

    Our records indicate that you were a participating bidder or buyer in this sellerís listing. You will need to use your own personal judgment in deciding whether to complete this transaction.

    As described in our User Agreement, eBay is only a venue, and we cannot guarantee that sellers will complete transactions nor can we guarantee the delivery or quality of bought items. As a basic principle, a buyer should know with whom he or she is dealing before sending a payment to a seller.

    Depending on the circumstances, you might decide to delay payment to a seller until completely confident that the transaction will be completed safely.. If you decide to delay payment but already paid by personal check, you may wish to contact your bank to discuss whether it would be possible to stop payment on the check. If you paid with a credit card, you may wish to contact your credit card companyís security department to discuss this payment Ė many companies provide protection in certain circumstances. If you paid by money order, you may want to contact that money order company for information on how to stop payment.

    Please note that the ending of the listings for this seller is a precautionary measure. The grounds for this suspension may be the result of a mistake or misunderstanding.

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    Also remember, even if the seller has a ton of feedback, the username might have been hijacked by a fraudster.

    Warning Signs:
    1) PRICE IS TOO LOW!!! (If it's too good to be true, it probably is...)
    2) Check to see that the items in sales history are consistent with what is currently being auctioned
    3) Payment methods (non-standard = fishy)
    4) They contact you and want you to complete the transaction off eBay to save money

    My friend recently stumbled upon a few auctions for flat panel TVs and I told him I thought the seller's identity was hijacked...he was ready to buy. A day later ebay stopped all the auctions. 2 or 3 people already sent the money in! Apparently the real owner of account had his account hijacked.
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    Originally posted by JMF0
    I am seeing some red flags on this auction but wanted to see what all of you think.....

    Treo 600 on eBay
    Item has already been pulled, obviously a scam, I'm glad you didn't go for it!
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    Originally posted by furio
    Also remember, even if the seller has a ton of feedback, the username might have been hijacked by a fraudster.

    Warning Signs:
    1) PRICE IS TOO LOW!!! (If it's too good to be true, it probably is...)
    Note to self: When commiting fraud on ebay, make it look like a real auction and charge a fair price for the thing you dont have that people will bid on.

    Amazing how much of this stuff goes on there.
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    I saw his offering on eBay about a week or so back. I was getting impatient waiting on Handspring. I emailed, asked him if any were still available, and he responded back within 15 minutes with information on how to pay him and receive one right away. I responded back, and asked him for the serial number of the unit he would ship, and whether or not he would consider an escrow service. Never heard back. Waiting that extra week was painful, but I did get my Treo 600. Don't think I would have gotten one from him.

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