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    Occassionally my Treo 300 BizCon mail client is "unable to connect to corporate server" and doesn't sync with my Outlook. I have no indication(s) that my Sprint PCS BizCon PE client is the problem, it appears to be connected and working properly.

    When searching through the slingshot.log file I have noticed an unusual number of the following entry, was wondering if anyone has experienced the same problem?

    Mon Nov 10 12:11:10 CST 2003 (1940-2108): *** Error when gathering new messages for notification: <error: "win32_error" - -2147467259>

    And (not sure if this is indicating a problem):

    Mon Nov 10 12:20:42 CST 2003 (1940-2112): *** mapiS7Mail_GetFolderSummaries: mapiGetContentsTable -> 80004005
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    I am one of the first users of BC, and I am very disappointed with the service the last month or two -- ever since they started doing all the upgrades to accommodate the Treo 600.

    I don't know what they've done, but I rarely get notifications or push email anymore. As for your error, I can't really suggest anything definitive other than maybe reinstall everything. That usually has fixed most of my problems over the last year or so.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful.
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    locascio - How often does this problem occur?

    MobilDave - How is your push / alerts this afternoon? It seems like all of a sudden things got responsive.
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    Sorry, I have been super busy at work and missed your reply. It happens quite frequently, pretty typical for it to happen over the weekend and once or twice during the week.

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