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    I have the Palm desktop that came with my Treo installed at home. If I install it at work too and sync, will it be updated from my Treo ok? If I add, for example a contact at work and sync my Treo, if I take it home and sync, will that contact be updated there?


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    Yes (assuming that the conduit settings are set to Synchronize).
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    i do the exact same thing and feel better having 2 backups.
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    My wife just got a new Zire. When I installed the desktop at home, it overwrote my old (I have the 180 and am not very patiently waiting t-mo's 600). 4.0.1 version.
    I moved the old program and data to a different folder, but even the old .exe command starts the new version. Now I am afraid to sync the 180 at home, lest the new Palm 5.2 will do something funky.
    Any ideas, experience????

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