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    I'd like to be able to download mp3s to my treo when I surf to one on a website. Sometimes I'm away from my computer with the sync stuff, but I can access a public webserver. I throw the MP3 file up, but blazer complains that it is an Unsuppoerted Media Type and that I need to install an application which can read the file type. I have pTunes so that isn't the magic bullet.

    Anyone know how to do this? Is there some application that I can get that will allow for me to download the file and put it in my SD card?

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    YEah, I would like to too, and have no Idea how.

    Someone help us!
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    Blazer won't download unsupported types to the card, but WebPro will. I just uploaded a song to my Yahoo Briefcase, and started a download to my card...all seemed to go well. I stopped it simply because it's such a long download.
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    can you please post a link to download WebPro? i am dying to try another browser! thank you
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    I hate waiting, im sure you do too.
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    oh thank you! um, is this compatible w/the treo600? just making sure. oh, and i'm on a mac...
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    I really have no idea, I dont have a treo 600 yet. Im assuming it worked since it is palm os and Bujin said it worked.

    Awesome pics on your text america blog by the way =)
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    nope. didn't work. i installed it, tried to open it and got "you are not authorized to use this program." arrghh.

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