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    According to Handspring's own website:

    Check the box for Dial Extra Digits Automatically. ***When the call is picked up on the other end***, your Treo will immediately begin dialing the extra digits. Otherwise, you can choose the Extra Digits button manually when it appears on the screen (after the call has connected).

    However, when i select this, its starts dialing the extra digits immediately, even while the other line is still ringing. i don't want to have to put pauses in there because it various sometimes how long it will take to pick up that call. i just want it to dial the extra digits immediately upon answering. anyone have luck with this?
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    Anybody? I would have thought this would be a common complaint if it doesn't do what its supposed to.
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    there should be a way to add a pause before the number is dialed. I'll look into that. Matt Burkhard
    BTW, have you tried the searxh function on this forum? I think there may be a thread about this if I remember correctly
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    your in luck, there is a way. Where you enter the extra digits (setting up the speed dial), you will see an "I" with a circule arond it. This awlays denotes info/tip. Select that, and it will tell you how to do it. Hope this hellps, Matt Burkhard
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    Thanks Matt. Technically inserting pauses is a "workaround" the issue but i was hoping to find a way to make it work like it is supposed to, i.e., not sending any tones until the call is picked up. That way it won't matter if it rings once, or 5 times as is sometimes the case with our work vm. It will still send the tones immediately after being answered. Handspring, any help here??? Its your website that say it does this.
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    ***When the call is picked up on the other end***
    The website is wrong. The Sprint 600 manual on page 52 says ***Dial Extra Digits Automatically dials pre-defined extra digits immediately after dialing the phone numer, when checked.***

    You have to use enough pauses (,) at the beginning to wait til the phne is answered. I have found that 3 commas is enough for most services. Putting to many in is usually not a problem because there is usually a long enough wait for the first entry on the other end.

    Not much complaint on this forum about this probably because I think this is the way it worked on the 300 and most of us are probably upgraders and so were not surprised to see this poor implementation of the pause.

    Another shortcomming... has anyone figured out how to use pause when dialing from contacts? Looks like they only work in Favorites Buttons.
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    BP57, No prob!
    Just for referance, this is about par for the course, they way I see it. I bought a Sony 300MHZ cordless in 1989, and used it for home banking, I had it dial the number, pause, enter the entries for the automated deal and get me all the way to the entering of my access code, that I would do by had.

    The Sony didn't wait till it picked up, it would start after the number was dialed, so I had to put a 4 second pause in there. My current Panasonic 2.4GHZ is the same too, it does the auto dial, right after the number is dialed.

    I assume this way it jus simple code (if you will), waiting till it picked up, wouls take programing, monitoring and a bunch more I assume.

    Like johnbdh said, i guess I am just use to it due to the T300, My Sony and Panasonic.

    at least you have a work around
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    Ah ha! should have looked back at the manual. Thanks to both of you. Boy, that is a shortcoming. what in the world would you ever need to dial extra digits for BEFORE the other line is picked up??? am i missing something? geez, you'd think the programers would be a little smarter than that.

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