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    I just bought the Radio Shack adapter model mumber 274-381, and it doesn't work. Sound still comes out of the speaker. Is this the correct one? It fits a 3/32" mono jack and accepts a 1/8" stereo headphone plug.

    I'm not going to cut the Treo, so I guess I'll have to order from Handspring and wait X days for them to ship an adapter. But it would be best if I could simply get one from Radio Shack so I could use it while working out today.
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    If there is to much impedidence (sp?) the sound will not output though the headphone jack. I am guessing this is to prevent damage to the phone from trying to push a signal into something that has enough resistence that could burn it out? This also seems to only happen on one channel (I believe it the right side that does work). Anyhow, I found this out when I tried to connect to a few different car line in jacls and to the home stereo. None would work, but headphones would. There is a solution... Radio shack sells a ground loop isolator that is basicly a transformer inline with RCA audio connectors. This isolates each end of the wire so you are not directly connected to the line input thus dropping the resistence/impedidence and allowing it to work. I have tested it in the auto as well as the home and it does work. The part is about $15 so it's not cheap but its not expensive either. It is a bit larger than what you would want to carry around though, but for the car and stereo it's a must have. Bet it fixes the hight power setting the Bose users were having... I could now connect it with my harmon Kardon amp!
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    I found one at works well. They have it as hand free device for phone and music headphone all in one. So I don't have to carry 2 headsets any more. It comes with microphone, call/end button and volume control
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    I ordered the Seidio headset too, so we'll see how it goes. Anyone interested in a slightly used Jabra Freespeak for non-Nokia? I think the Seidio will work better for me overall....
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    I was planning to order the Seidio headset, but $7.38 to ship something that weighs a few ounces? I don't think so. I don't need it that bad.

    Oh, and that's the cheapest they will ship it for. I got a cradle the other day for $3.00 in shipping charges - that's more realistic.
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    Sorry, double dribbled....
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    Oh man this is AWESOME! MP3's on my treo!

    I bought the radio shack audio adapter (274-373), trimmed off a millimeter from the black plastic barrel, plugged in my headphones, and it works!

    I'm using my sony MDR-NC11 noise-cancelling headphones and it sounds fantastic.

    I just have to be really careful with this adapter. I can see it bending the headphone jack out of place really easily. But as long as I hold the phone or leave it on my desk, it works great!
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    Me too! A little x-acto action on a Radio Shack 274-373 and it works great sitting on my desk!
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    Thanks very much for you guys.
    After I got disappointed by skullcandy, I went to RadioShack nearby.
    Their adapter with shaving :P) works fine for my Treo 600!!!
    (I gotta be careful about this long straight adapter though)

    Ahhh, finally....

    Thanks very much!!
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    anyone figured out yet how to get the newer models of Bose noise cancelling headsets towork with the treo 600 stereo plug for its MP3;important for airplanes, obvisouly
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