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    Theres obviously a lot of fans here for Snappermail, and I'm looking forward to trying it whenever my GSM T600 arrives.

    A question though- I've been using BC with Sprint for the last year, and the Blackberry before that. (I'm a bit surprised that TMobile doesn't offer something comparable to Sprint BC.)

    Does Snapper update status of messages with the server? If I open an email on my Treo, will the status on Exchange change to open? Or if I delete a message on my Treo, is it deleted on the server?

    Second question- How does Snapper handle meeting requests/tasks, etc? Does it deal with these, or just treat them as plain email?

    If not Snappermail, then what? I want to keep exchange in sync with my Treo on mail, calendar, tasks, etc.
    Goodlink is really expensive- $28/mo per user $1600/yr minimum
    Baselink? haven't heard it mentioned in a long time
    Corsoft? Are they still around?
    Visto? formerly Treomail, right?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I've returned to BaseJet. Its much more stable now and they've added a lot of features since their early betas.

    On their forums they promised to have tighter integration for the Treo 600 nav soon.
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    yelofelo, I wonder if you're hoping for something that SnapperMail doesn't do....I believe that unless your Exchange server is open for an IMAP connection (most are not), then I don't think SnapperMail will work for you.
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    That's what I'm trying to figure out- if Snappermail is well suited to working with corporate mail on an exchange server, or is only well-suited to pop mail
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    I looked it up on the SnapperMail site, and they cannot give you access to your Exchange mail in any way. Two of their FAQs address this:

    "Can I sync my Desktop mail onto SnapperMail? Not currently, but it is on our roadmap. When? We do not disclose release dates, so please do not ask us."


    "Does SnapperMail support IMAP? No, SnapperMail is a POP3 mail client only"

    Too bad you're switching to GSM, or else Sprint BizConn would still work for you....Which GSM operator are you switching to?
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    Thanks- I missed that on their site. Too bad- it sounds like a nicely-designed product.

    I'm heading over to T-Mobile for a while. Lots of reasons-
    I know it will have its own headaches, but we'll give it a go.

    I'll probably sign up with Basejet, or Visto for the year- which will give me BC-like functionality. That is, unless I can get my company to go for Goodlink. Probably unlikely, but we do have about 18 treos amongst 40 people, so it might make sense- especially since they directly integrate with in addition to Exchange. $28 per month per user adds up quick. That's more than I spend on DSL a month!

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