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    we can't use it because of our sweet SDIO placement.
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    ....notice the placement of the diagonal cut of the SD card on the unit; that means that the digicam part of it will be facing backwards. From what I can see, it has a swivel head & the SD part of it is longer than a standard SD card,...maybe it may be good enough to clear the T600's antenna placement. We need somebody to try it out first & if that doesn't work, you can always clip-off the antenna!

    hey, isn't it about time that some aftermarket manufacturer comes out with a "cap" tipe of antenna to replace the standard one?
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    How would you take the standard one off?
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    1.3 MP with no flash counts as decent? I can't ever see me taking a print worthy picture with something like that. So from that perspective, it's still really only useful for the web. I suppose you'd get better web pictures though. I couldn't print out much less than 3.0 MP.

    What do others think?
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    you are right about that but the current one is almost totally useless... even in good lighting. a 1.3 mp would be perfect in fair lighting for web pix (or small prints)
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    without a flash we will never have decent pictures. if you take a 640 x 480 picture and resize to 320 x 240 it is good for web

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