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    Look what they did to a perfectly good Treo....
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    Well, they accomplished what they set out to accomplish - no one will steal it NOW.

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    Originally posted by Jaggrey
    Look what they did to a perfectly good Treo....
    Idiots is being way too kind!!!!

    So, would this be covered under warranty or not?

    If not, SeldomVisitor might not be too happy.
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    Yea, I was in a Best Buy and the screen on the unit I saw would not receive "taps" because the bracket holding the unit was on sooo tight it registered the pressure as a continuous tap, so nobody could do anything with it. They said it was the way the bracket was designed and couldn't accomodate the Treo 600 so they just "made" it fit. Looks like the people at the store you went to really made it fit.
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    I got the guys at my store to put the phone in the same bracket that they place the PDAs in. They look like like little alligator jaws, but make it impossible to take the unit out, while not covering the screen. It grips the sides.
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    Best Buy employees.

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    My heart goes out to that poor Treo.
    Nice of them to RUIN an expensive device like that.
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    Indeed Jaggery.

    I was in that store last weekend and again yesterday and saw the same thing. Quite a silly way to try and sell a phone. I didn't see any Clie's, Palms or other handhelds in that condition.

    While not all BB employees are clueless, those who decided to display this Treo 600 must have been on the "short bus" back in grade school.

    Cheers to those at other BB's who thought ahead and found another way to display the Treo 600 without destroying the screen.

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    OMG!!! What's wrong with these people!
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    Geez - calm down. First of all, it's his phone. Second, it doesn't look that bad. Third, if it meets his needs...

    He'll have a heck of a time re-selling it if he can't get all the gunk off, and I personally wouldn't trust anyone's double-sided tape to secure a phone to my belt, but hey.

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