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    if I choose to upgrade from my current Treo180 to 600, the only possibility I have is to go for Cingular. If, however, I select the option to keep my existing plan do you think I still would get the Treo600 for $399 and be able to put my T-Mobile SIM card in? (I have a Cingular AND a T-Moblie plan). Or are they sim-locked for Cingular SIM cards in a way?
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    There are various threads going with regards to the Cingular Treo 600. Apparently they are not SIM-locked to Cingular, people have been able to use them with other carrier's SIM cards. If you want to be entirely sure, just wait until they are shipping them and they're readily available so that lots of people can comment. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of T-Mo users opt to get the Cingular phone now and use their T-Mo cards in them just because T-Mo is dragging their feet releasing it.
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    I am a tmobile SIM card holder and just sold my 180. I have an order in for the cingular GSM version of the 600. All indications point to it working fine with tmo SIM. I take no chances, worst case is it goes back if it does not work, there is a 30day return policy if so. Anything could happen with tmo, I'd recommend using your upgrade serial # before the deal expires..11/24.

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