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    Thought of this while reading and answering another thread.

    This would be a great feature set for the next Treo:

    Creating a docking station that allows you to use the Treo with a real monitor and keyboard for basic Internet and e-Mail functionallity. Basically a communications station. Also have a microphone and quality speaker so the station can can act as a high quality speakerfphone. This device should not have to take up much space and should be no bigger than port replicators for laptops. Allow the station to provide Ethernet connectivity to the Treo with 10/100BASE-T jack (include WiFi in the Treo maybe).

    Install a hard drive like the iPod that can store anything and be used to transfer files from one PC to next.

    Improve the browser support all SSL certificates.

    Of course the usual better screen, more memory, faster processor......

    I would love to have this functionallity as I don't need a full PC for many things, but would like to look at a 15" monitor and type on a full keyboard at home.

    I am the only one that thinks the PDA could be used for basic Internet/E-mail services in a home environment?
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    While many will dissagree with you now, this is most likey the future of computing. Imagine have a "station" at home/work/etc and you plugin your "persionalization module (treo, etc)". Your phone will have just about everything you have on your computer today.
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    Well I definetly would still have a real PC for Video editing and other things that PDAs can't do now, but it would be nice to be able to use the Treo as a second "PC" just for communications and scheduling purposes.

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