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    Nice forum first of all.

    I'm looking forward to get the Treo 600 in Germany.

    Some questions came up, before I'll make the final decision.

    1) Contacts synch with Outlook 2003.
    - Does it work with Office 2003?
    - Outlook got a plenty of tel.,email,adress, ... fields and entries.
    Will the Treo 600 synchronize ALL!!! entries numbers, emails, etc.?
    Is it limited?
    Why, can I do something against this "feature"? Are there any hacks or software available wchih will support this?

    2) Dates, Tasks
    The same goes here, does the Treo synchronize ALL entries?
    Limitations, yes/ no?
    What can I do, software, hacks, etc.?

    3) Storage
    Is it possiible to store the "Synch file database" (where all synchronized Dates, contacts, etc, are stored) on the external card/ memory?

    4) Is the Treo 600 flashable for new features, fixing old bugs
    What are the latest versions, any homepages which are showing those infos

    Thanks for short answers or liinking me up to the right pages.


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    So many threads here, but no reply.
    Someone should give me some advice, hints.



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