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    The Treo 600 is now listed as one of the phones on the ATT website. $549.99 with a $50 instant rebate for a net price of $499.99. ATT Treo 600
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    So that announcement from T-Mobile that they would support the Treo 600 and Handspring's announcement that T-Mobile would be the first U.S. GSM /GPRS carrier was full of holes......Also, what happened to the PalmOne announcement that should have preceded AT&T's announcement of the Treo 600 being available directly from AT&T??? Looks like T-Mobile is the LAST carrier, instead of the FIRST GSM carrier of Treo 600.......with no official explanation.

    I tried to use the AT&T chat feature but didn't find out until after I had typed in my question that "due to high volumes.....the chat feature was not available and to use email instead". I sent email to asking when online order would be processed and would be shipped from warehouse.
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    Isn't it odd that AT&T has it available on its website but that Handspring's website does not?
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    ATTWS NBO has no idea about the 600 this morning. I just talked with them and they thought I was calling about the 270. Hopefully, they'll get a clue later this morning.

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    Thanks for the AT&T heads up. Just investigated via their site and the given above link. All was fine until I hit the plan page, and my eyes landed on the "unlimited data" monthly fee of $80. Versus Tmo's $20 all you can eat data add-on.

    Looks like the good Lord has found a way to instill patience in me after all.
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    Well, just got off the phone with a great ATT agent. I asked her if the phones were available in stores. She said, "In some but not all."

    I'll call my local one later when it opens and report.
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    ...would you be so kind as to verify the degree of carrier-locking on the device?
    The Cingular ones seem to be pre-configured for their network but not locked to it - they work with other carriers' SIM cards.
    With luck, the AT&T units are similar.

    Rusty J
    270 (AT&T,unlocked)
    600 fairly soon, one can hope.
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    Just an FYI.

    Network settings are most likey in your SIM, and/or downloaded from your carrier. (this is how must phones work)

    The special settings you find under network will change each time you change the SIM.
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    Not only the $80, but look at the roaming data charges too. It's funny, every time I think ATTWS is getting its act together I see crap like this. How can they possible think this is remotely competitve in today's market. Maybe if it were true 3G speeds, but GPRS? No way.

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    Called some stores here in LA / Santa Clarita:
    "We know nothing about it and don't even have any literture on it"
    Funny that friends of mine purchased it in stores in Europe (Switzerland) with no problem . In Poland you can buy it for $ 755 unlocked...
    Maybe Handspring / PalmOne wants to recify the blunder with exports that happened the last time.
    In Italy it is available - at a whopping 1,035.88 USD !!!
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    I placed an order right away with ATT and am a current customer using a T|W for phone and data.

    The order has since disappeared! Check it out:

    Order Number
    Last Updated
    Nov 11, 2003 11:20AM Pacific Standard Time
    We're sorry, we're unable to locate your order.
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    Originally posted by billgall
    I placed an order right away with ATT and am a current customer using a T|W for phone and data.

    The order has since disappeared! Check it out:

    Order Number
    Last Updated
    Nov 11, 2003 11:20AM Pacific Standard Time
    We're sorry, we're unable to locate your order.
    My order says the same thing. I called ATTWS. Their automated system had no record either. I am still on hold to speak with an agent (40 minutes and counting). In the meantime, I have been trying to contact a live ATT chat. It has taken me 20 minutes, because each time the web says it is too busy. Now I have a two minute wait.

    (Incidenetally, I had a web chat earlier today with "Chrissy." She said the Treo 600 was in stock and available).

    Update, my phone just connected me to another department that hung up on me. After 45 minutes!

    Ok, web chat person can't help. Here is the transcript:

    Zach: Hi! Can you check on a web order for me. My status page says, "not found."
    Ann: I am sorry, the 877 number is the only dept that can look up your order. They are open until midnight eastern time, I would try them later this evening or early in the morning.
    Zach: can you verify that the TREO 600 is in stock?
    Ann: we do not sell that. You will need to contact your local store to see if they can activate that, if equipment is purchased through Handspring then you have to go to the store to activate it.
    Zach: I bought it on the ATT web site yesterday.
    Ann: you are supposed to purchase that through Handspring.
    Zach: Well, it's on the web site. SHould I give you the link?!
    Ann: yes, please. I looked all through our phones and even did a search for it and still couldn't find it.
    Ann: we were advised that customers have to purchase that through
    Zach: one sec....
    Ann: OK, thanks
    Ann: nothing is coming up with that link, can you try sending it again...
    Ann: Ok, that came up this time. I tried adding that the cart, but it wouldn't add to the cart...
    Zach: Odd... I am able to put it in cart. I suppose I should call again.
    Ann: I was talking to my manager and...
    Ann: we are thinking that they are in the process of adding that and it is not completely set up yet. We have not had any formal communication yet of that phone launching yet
    Zach: Ok. Does that mean that my order is void?
    Ann: i don't think that order will go through. did it give you an order #?
    Zach: I am still on hold with the number you gave!
    Zach: Yes, I got an order number.
    Ann: Yes, they have high call volume. I would check with them to see if they have your order in the system.
    Ann: May I assist you any further?
    Chat Window vv Newest

    Zach: Ok. That's it. Thank you!

    we do not sell that
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    Twice now I have been on hold for an hour, only to get cut off.
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    Well, thank goodness I am not the only one, so I don't have to feel crazy. I spent an hour on the phone with ATT while they basically said "We don't know what you are talking about..." as I asked about the 600 availability. HELLO???? Only EVRYONE on the web knows about it. The Comp USA guy was the one who sent me to ATT in the first place telling me the 600 was going to be carried and they just gave me a blank look. When I told the phone rep it was on the web page they basically acted like I had just had a momentary seizure and that must have caused me to see the 600 on the ATT website. Oh come on people. Give us credit for being thinking humans...I wish ATT would just say it won't be out till such and so...we're working on it" or whatever, instead of treating customers like imbeciles. Re the high data plans...I was told you can add the data plan to your voice plan ($3, $7, 12, etc.) What's with this $80 thing? Are we talking unlimited web/e-mail there or what?
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    Originally posted by basil999
    What's with this $80 thing? Are we talking unlimited web/e-mail there or what?
    Earlier today, when I first learned of the AT&T page, I flew there and immediately started placing an order. They had it rigged so that you had to choose a data plan while ordering. Every data plan listed had a MB limit, except for the last, which read "unlimited data", with a price of $80.

    Someone else mentioned equally ridiculous roaming fees. I didn't get that far. Since I have no intention of counting MBs with a Treo 600, I closed the window, crawled back in the corner and continued whimpering "Tmo? $20! Tmo? Where for art thou, Tmo??"
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    Yeah, I hear you. I just tried the link to go out and order and it got stuck at the data plan too. I'm not a power user. I do minimal phone calls and want to access e-mails (maybe 2-3 a day) and do a little web browsing occassionally. I'm thinking basic voice plan plus something like 8MB data mMode thing. I can live with that for now. Oh well, guess I have to wait (being that I am already an ATT customer. This is such a bummer, because I wanted to buy this thing a week ago when I finally made my mind up what I wanted! WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH
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    Food for Thought: ever counted the number of characters included in the typical email header-- INCLUDING the lines typically hidden from view? Not to mention the coding-up-the-wazoo syndrome buried in most web pages, which you do NOT see ..... It ain't pretty, PardNah, especially when your wallet is at stake... and on the continuum at that.

    Looks to me like a choice:
    - pay on the front end (wait, sweat, tears, foot stomping, whimper...)
    -- or --
    pay on the back end (jump now, pay later.)

    You KNOW competition per number portability will force price drops... and Tmo will theoretically kick in with their T600 around the same time...

    (Back to whimper corner...)
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    My original order was cancelled without explanation but my second order has been confirmed and promised to ship on Monday. We'll have to see what shows up first - the ATT or the Cingular order I placed as well. I'll be checking locking on both units and keeping the least locked one.

    I have already picked up a Sprint 600 for my wife that is awesome, but I need and want the GSM for myself.

    BTW: I'm a very heavy user of phone and internet GPRS and never exceed my data limit on ATT. It's not the least expensive option but very affordable and powerful when compared to WIFI roaming, or older wireless data options.

    Number portability will also put the pressure on price and drop it further.
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    So I have the 600 on Sprint. A friend of mine who really wants to stay with AT&T wants to know if he should buy now for $500 or do any of you think or know if Handspring themselves will sell it on their website with the $200 existing customer discount that all of us Sprint users enjoyed. He currently has the Treo on AT&T.

    Should he buy now? Or wait and see if Handspring will sell it on their website?

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    Handspring had said that as the Treo 600 becomes available on a system, it would be sold for the $399 discount for three weeks after the initial arrival.

    That happened on Sprint and Cingular. Waiting now to see if the same thing happens on TMO and ATT.
    Jeff Schaffer

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