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    Sorry to start yet another thread on stereo headphones but I have read several of the discussions here and been browsing the handspring uk website. The description of their stereo headphones offering is as follows:

    Treo Stereo Headphones

    For hands-free phone calls on your Treo
    Improved-performance speaker for clearer sound
    Lapel clip keeps microphone stationary

    This would indicate to me that it does come with a mic but people here have said otherwise.

    Can anyone clarify please?


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    Your description is for the Treo High-Performance Headset, not the Treo Stereo Headphones.
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    Thanks for the reply. As I said, I was looking on the UK handspring website ( you will see that description for the stereo headphones. But it is the same description as for the Treo High-Performance Headset. Weird, no?

    Hmm, Trades Descriptions Act anyone?


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    I think the description is for a "headset", as pictured, under the CATEGORY of "Headset and Stereo Headphones".

    If you think like that,it is not misleading.
    There is a separate stereo heaphone somewhere else.

    But it is definitely confusing.

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