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    Palm's WebPro can download files to the card. Even ones that give me the error: "Unsupported Media Type" when attempting to download with Blazer 3 (i.e. mp3 files).

    Is there any way for blazer to download to the card?

    Also, why does blazer not allow downloads of "Unsupported Media Type" ??

    - leo
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    Yes, I too would like the ability to download files even if they aren't a recognized format. When I run across a file on the net, it would be nice to download for use later on my pc.

    Is there a way to access ANY file I've stored on my Treo600?
    With functions like the file manager in windows.

    I haven't been able to list the mp3s on my SD card except within Pocketunes. I want to be able to delete, rename or move them to the phone memory or whatever.

    (I'll have to check out that WebPro for downloading)
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    Check out FileZ from nosleep software:

    - Leo
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    Thanks, looks perfect and FREE! An app that should be an integral part of the OS. I'm shocked it's not. Holy cow.

    Application Description:

    Filez is an easy to use file manager for the Palm OS. Filez gives you full access to view, edit, copy, move, delete, and beam any file on your handheld all through a simple and clean interface. It can be used for any purpose, such as organizing your files, or setting which ones should get backed up.
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    OK I have been using FileZ for a couple of weeks now, but I do not see how this addresses the issue of Blazer not being able to save directly to the card or to download "unsupported" file types.

    FileZ is a very nice utility and Palm should include something similar to the OS.

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