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    sorry for those folks who might feel the topic -- sort of -- primitive.

    i'm willing to take a new service for the treo 600 and my shortlist came to between CINGULAR/TMO.

    yet i haven't placed order for treo 600 because of my indecision till now.

    i'll be using the phone mostly in nyc.

    any suggestions would be highly welcomed.
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    i've heard TMO's data service is more reliable than Cingular's... plus cheaper I believe. Also TMO has cheaper voice rates it seems too.

    Cingular's gimmick of roll over mins is the only thing it seems people look to them for. The thing is if people would realize if they have extra mins. every month to get rolled over, then you're not in the right plan for you to begin with and are paying too much for it.
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    I have no experience with NYC. You really need to talk to your friends and coworkers who live and work near you as to which get the better service. T-mo is cheaper data than cingular and if you use a lot of data that is important. T-mo is just GSM1900 band only while Cingular uses both 1900 in some places and 850 in others. IF you travel a lot, Cingular is more likely to have good coverage.

    I like Cingular where I am but that means nothing for where you are. The coolest phone in the world is irritating if you have lousy voice coverage. Talk to your friends or check out some of the cell phone forums like

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    I have had both for some time. I found the service where i live in Southern California pretty similar. For me the big difference is the plans and customer service.

    TMobile has plans that work very well for me. 3000 anytime minutes for $49 is just exactly what I need, not for everyone, but great for me.

    The big thing to me is customer service. They are completely polar opposites as far as service goes. My experiences with Cingular have been just awful. Wait times are crazy, usually over 20 minutes to talk to someone who canít help if you have a real problem. Iíve also had serious billing and contract issues that were just plain their fault and I just about needed a note from God to get them corrected.

    TMobile on the other hand has been simply outstanding. I am admittedly a high maintenance customer and am on the phone with them about something every week or two. I have never had to wait more than a minute or two to get to talk to a real live person. And more often than not, the person that answers actually ďappearsĒ to give a crap about getting my problem handled and not just getting me off of the phone. I can honestly say that they have really gone above and beyond to make sure that I am happy. There are of course exceptions and some issues that were more challenging than others, but overall it has been very positive.

    I think that coverage is a very personal thing and where ever you get your phone from, make sure you can return it and cancel the contract within 14 days. Try it for awhile and see if it works where you need it and if not, return it.
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    TMO has the best customer service, period. They actually share data networks. Well, I roam using Cingular when in SC and I have heard that the agreement is reciprocal. As to pricing, TMO offers unlimited data for $20. Cingular offers unlimited data for $79.99 I believe. You will use a lot of data if you poll for mail regularly. The only downside to TMO is that their network is not as large as Cingular's for voice. Have a look at the coverage maps for each provider, consider how important customer service is, and whether you are willing to spend more for data.

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    t-mo has cheaper data plans.
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