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    The radio died in my 2 y/o T270. I did the radio reset n several other fixes with no luck. Is there a place I can buy a new motherboard (if that would solve the poblem). Or does anyone have any ideas! otherwise I am stuck with a v expencive T90 hehe
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    Sorry guys, the treo is not 2 yrs old. but its just over the warrenty period.

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    I take it you have the infamous 'endless network search' phenomenon ?

    There are actually some lengthy discussions about this issue...

    If the Radio Reset does not work, try re-installing the GPRS Updater. This will re-flash the ROM and has been known to cure this problem.
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    Or do a hard reset to cleear any programs which might be effecting the radio side of things.

    My whole Treo has died on several occasions.

    Battery was not holding charge for some reason or radio was not functioning the way it should. I have managed to get it up and going by a hard reset.

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