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    Wondering if anyone has had any luck doing a "network sync" with their Treo 600 and a Mac running OSX (10.2.6 or higher) and a network connection like SBC DSL?

    I couldn't find a "network" setting in the Mac version of Hotsync. Future release? Any tips? Just wondering if I can lose this USB cable anytime soon. I have read that others who have been successful on other systems mention that it is slow, but with no bluetooth and no IR port on the newer G4 powerbooks our "wireless" sync options are limited.

    Anyone know of any software that enables this?


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    Yes please!

    I unfortunately do not think that there is an option for this. It would be VERY helpful though.

    As a side note, why the heck are we always getting punished for being Mac users? Damn!

    Thanks for any help.

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    What, still no option to wirelessly hotsync to my Mac? I never did it, but know it was possible with my old Handspring Visor and a Springboard modem. You would think it would be rather simple to connect to my desktop at home over IP. I can't believe that Palm still hasn't added the option back to the OSX version of their software.
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    Just curious. How do you recharge your Treo, if not with a USB cable? I bought a special USB cable so the AC adapter was no longer necessary.
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    Mark/Space Missing Sync 4 has the ability to sync via bluetooth (for when the 650 arrives ;-) ) and do a Network Sync. Try that.

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    I'm not looking to replace my normal syncing procedure (USB cable). What I want to be able to do is to hotsync with my desktop machine when I'm on the road. Since I've got DSL at home, and my machine is (in theory) always connected, and I can make a TCP connection via my Treo, I should be able to keep my calendar, contacts, etc. synchronized, right? I'm self-employed, and it is very important that my wife have access to my up-to-date schedule at all times, and vice versa. When I'm on the road for over a week or so, by the time I get home, the two calendars can vary wildly.
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    Okay, I've spent some time checking out MarkSpace's site for Missing Sync. It sure sounds like it'll do what I want, but I'd love confirmation before I plunk down the $39.95 and spend an afternoon reconfiguring everything.

    The final hurdle would be the fact that I'm using a dynamic IP on my home machine's DSL connection. I seem to remember from these boards that at one time there was some kind of online service for registering your machine's dynamic IP, so you could look it up remotely. Or did I dream that?
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    Try and look at their dyndns service.
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    Yes Missing Sync 4 can do exactly what you want but it is VERY slow! I did it using my Verizon net connection, connecting to my home computer through port forwarding on my router and it was not that great (because of the Cell network speed) BUT it worked with no issues! I would highly recommend making sure you are doing the basics and NOT doing the full sync (excluding backup)

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