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    Just wondering if anyone has seen or knows of any plans for a BodyGlove case for the Treo 600. Thanks for the help guys!
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    There is a BodyGlove case that appears to work with the t600. See this thread .
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    Thanks for the reply. I was wondering if anyone knew if they we're going to manufacture one specifically fit for the Treo 600. I've had the BG cases before and loved 'em. I imagine they would, but thought someone might have the inside scoop.
    Thanks for the reply JHETZEL, I'm watching out for that wet paint!
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    I bought one of these at CompUSA the day my Treo arrived and have been very happy with it. The Treo fits like the case was custom made for it.
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    I had a bodyglove cellsuit case for the cellphone I had before I got my Treo 180. I was always hoping they'd make a nice custom fit version for newer Treo's. It'd be sweet to have one fit the 600 (and I'm not talking like the Sidekick case... that is no better than the included slip case as far as I'm concerned. I want something with access).
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    Jennyfur, you couldn't have said it better. I don't want some slip case. I want a case made out of nice neoprene where there are holes for accessories, and some plastic over the screen but not the keyboard. Is that too much to ask? :-)
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    I bought one, but didn't use it for very long. It would be great if the case was a bit stiffer, or had some reinforcement in the back, but alas the case is too soft and pliable. A good bump could easily crack the screen by pushing the belt clip against the screen through the back of the case. Of course, you could put it in the case screen side out, but you'd suffer a similar fate bumping into the corner of a table, or something else.
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    Anyone know what case this thread might be referring to? The link on one of the previous posts to a different thread no longer works. Better yet does anyone use a bodyglove case that works with the Treo?
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    A T-Mobile Sidekick? THat is the one I use for my Treo600 and it is awesome.The Treo fits fine, with or without the extra battery. Also I can have the headphones pluged in while in the case and get to power button to mute the ringer.

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