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    Hey everyone!

    Great forum! I've recently ordered my Treo 600 with Cingular and can't wait to get it. I currently have a Mac G4 Powerbook with Microsoft Office, Mac version. I use Entourage, the email option with Microsoft Office for the Mac. I have all my personal and business contact info on it and would just like to sync it with my Treo 600 once I get it. Is this possible? I would greatly appreciat your feedback and assistance.

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    Hey Snoopdawg,

    Here's the link from Microsoft for the instructions & download to sync on your PowerBook. Works great for me. I prefer this over iSync for my Treo 270. (Waiting for the "600" to arrive!)


    Entourage X - Palm Sync

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    Hey Burrzoo!

    Thanks for your assistance! I've gone to the site you provided me and printed all the appropriate info I will need to synchronize my Treo 600, once I receive it, with Entourage. This is very helpful. Thanks again.

    Work hard!

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