Hi, I've just purchased a Treo 180 (will unlock if needed), and will be going with either Fido Prepaid or Rogers pay-as-you-go service on a sim card from a local dealer here. My question is, if I go with Rogers and do the GPRS upgrade, will I be albe to use WAP/Internet/E-mail on GPRS? This is very important for me to have these features, and I see no mention of it on Rogers page under the pay-as-you go plan.

It is however, mention that you have WAP access and Internet available with Fido prepaid for $0.15/minute but must use GPRS.
Can anyone fill me in as to whether or not I can use the Treo 180 on Rogers pre-paid using GPRS with full use of WAP services and Internet/E-mail?

I'm looking forward to the always-on feature, as its reasonable close to a Blackberry. If this is possible with Rogers and anyone is doing so, please advise me of your steps and the per minute cost of data. Thanks for your help!