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    I was just sitting at my desk typing some things into my computer, and my 600, which I had next to me charging, comes on all by itself. I had noticed this happening a number of times before in my pocket and when I went to take it out. Because of that I decided to use keyguard. I figured that this may help conserve battery life because if it was accidently pressed some how in my pocket, it would goes off automatically in less than 5 seconds or so. However, when it comes on like it did by itself while I was sitting here typing, it stays on until the 30 second interval is reached which I have it automatically set at to shut off. What's more, all during that 30 second period, the message "Keyguard: Press Center button to unlock" remains on. That shouldn't be.
    One last thing about this mystery, some times I'll hear a sound coming from it like a low sounding train whistle. Usually when I hear this sound, I usually find that it's come on by itself. I tried to find that particular sound in the places where they're stored, but none of them sounded like this one. Quite the mystery !
    Does anyone have any idea what's going on with this and how to fix it?
    This coming on by itself is not unique to the 600, but was a problem I ended up exchanging my original 300 for a refurbished one. Maybe I'm sending out some weird vibes that wake them up.
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    any chance you might have any scheduled automated processes?

    E.g. auto fetch emails, scheduled backups?
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    My Sprint Treo does the same thing. I still can't figure why it comes on at strange times. The sound, I have determined, is caused by signal loss. When you hear the sound, look at the icon and it should be orange. meaning that there is no cell signal. The sound either comes when a signal is lost, or when a signal is found. And your right, it is a faint low signal that is not stored anywhere that i can find.

    Now if I can ony find out why the power shuts on mysteriously at times! Perhaps it is related to the signal loss... who knows.
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    I think you may be right about the sound it makes when it's losing a signal, but I'm not absolutely certain. Nevertheless, I think I've found a way to keep it from making that sound. If I'm right the sound won't play when you turn off "Service Tone", which is located in the phone application in "Sound Preferences" under "Tones". Even with it off, I'm not sure whether that will keep it from coming on by itself, but I'll keep monitoring it and let you know if I find out anything.
    I don't think it's related to any scheduled automated processes because I haven't set any, as far as I know. Thanks for the input. Ken
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    This has been an issue that has been discussed on several occassions here during the past few weeks. It was a problem that I was suffering through as well.

    A couple of weeks ago, someone suggested removing the application PCS Business Connection and then doing a hard reset, without reinstallation of BC. This was then a "solution" that was not acceptable to me as access to my office email was an essential element to my use of the Treo.

    After reviewing and trying various other proposed solutons that came up since, I have now solved the problem, at least on my Treo.

    First, I acquired Snapper Mail which meets my needs as far as my access to office email. I then, as had been suggested, removed BC and did a hard reset.

    I am now going on a full day and have been free of the off/on cycle! It feels great and I'm happy with my Treo again.
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    I'm glad you were able to solve the problem by ditching Business Connection, but that's not the cause of the problem with me since I don't have BC. I use AOL Anywhere V3, which I've been quite happy with. However, maybe that could be the source of my problem. If I had to I'd get rid of my $10 per month AOL account, because I already have Verizon DSL which I could use for my mail. Come to think of it, I could probably use my Sprint PCS email address if I'd take the time to figure out how to use it.
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    I had AOL 2.0 on my T300, and found it did the same thing as far as turning on randomly, especially when you're signed on to AOL with it.

    - Mike

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