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    Is the USB Sync cable that ships with the 600 the same as the Charge and Sync cable? In other words, will i be able to charge my Treo directly throught the USB port? Or does it also require the AC adapter to be plugged into it?

    I guess I 've been using my Ipod too long. I've gotten used to the idea of one plug for everything.
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    Unfortunately, you cannot charge your Treo with the HS sync cable unless you have the AC adapter attached.

    This completely blows, and should have been fixed (from the Treo 300 to 600)

    However, there is a solution...get a miniSync cable from let's you sync and charge using a tiny retractable cable.

    This is a 'must have' in my book.
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    the cables offered on ebay allow charging via usb. they are like $6 and are of very good quality. The AC adapter for the T600 and usb are both 5v.

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