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    In my time away from helping derek at, i've created a portal of my own. Not really meant to compete w/ treo600essentials but to provide little something different. I have a blog i'm writing directly from my treo600 (using vagablog) about treo600 stuff, i'm personally reviewing some choice software and hardware (and would like to add other people's reviews from this board), i have listed some shoutcast stations (more to come) since we can now launch them in pTunes from blazer, and compiled a list of treo600 friendly websites i visit regularly.

    check it out and PLEASE get me some idea's on what i can add to make it more treo600 community useful. submit any reviews you have, etc.


    ps while in early development i'm just hosting it on my public cox site - if i get enough interest i'll get a better URL:
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    ps keep in mind this is only my first 2 days work - i want to change it around a bit given some feedback etc. i also have a shortlist of ideas i want to add (and tons of software reviews for the software section which i know is now empty)...

    thanks again.
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    wow i love this community - mad people are hitting my site already... let me know what i can do to make it more useful - i mean anything at all - i'm open to ideas.

    if anyone has any personal (not posted at other sites) reviews of any hardware or software to add - even short comments - send them to me. i want to kind of consolidate the popular opinion about treo600 software and hardware here...

    or any 25 bit shoutcast links... or other good mobile links etc.

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