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    Originally posted by treoZilla
    what are Egrips?
    They are a license by their manufacturers to print money.
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    Originally posted by shaber
    I just got the same response about the Treo 600 egrips missing.

    Also, I suggested a couple of things:

    1) Come out with a set that has silver sides and a black back for those who want to keep the original phone aesthetics. They said they plan to have a set like this out next week, so I imagine they've already had this suggestion or thought of it on their own;
    I suggested this to them a few weeks ago. Supposedly, they were working on this idea already and were making some to send off as samples to Handspring. Either way, I was able to purchase one of them.

    Here's a picture:
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    I'll prolly get these and ditch the form fit case if any1 ever comes out with a holster for this thing..................
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