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    My wife and I used Dual Date on our 300s without a problem. It's a great free utility that makes sharing calendars very easy.
    When I upgraded to the 600 Dual Date started calling my calendard "Default" rather than "Ken S...".

    It now sends "Default's" calendar to my wife's 300. It's not a huge thing, but does anyone know if this can be fixed...or the name of the calendar changed?

    This must be a function of Handspring's new Date Book Appl.

    So, anyone know how to change the name of the person using the calendar?

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    Is it possible that no one else is using Dual Date on their 600?
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    My wife and I have been using dual date in OS4 & OS5, It works great. However, we have the same problem as you. In OS5, it doesn't ID the device name, rather it defaults to "default."

    Its a great piece of software and does exactly what I want it to do in a simple and elegant.

    It would be nice to be able to sync on the PC and be able to insert appt's in the other calendar, however ....

    Since its free and there is no support, it is what it is and shall stay that way until one of the 5 people who are using it decide to get the code from Palm and tweak the software.

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    My guess is there is at least 6 people using it...although maybe there is someone out there running it in hopes of finding someone else who will share their calendar with him/her.

    Well, perhaps a programmer will pick it up and so something with it.


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