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    If you had another PalmOS device that was NOT OS5, I suggest you DO NOT install the new Hotsync software over the old and upgrade it. Many programs that the install doesn't catch and toss out as OS5 incompatible may sneak in. That was my problem - phone was very unstable, etc. I cold reset it, and started over. Here's what I suggest:

    1. Uninstall the Hotsync software you're using now.

    2. You will probably have a folder called C:\Program Files\Handspring (or Palm, etc) where all your current data is. Rename it. I renamed mine to HandspringT300.

    3. Install the T600 software as per the manual. Choose the same hotsync name you used on the old device so that any registered software can still be used.

    4. Sync, get everything working properly.

    5. Go into that old directory that you renamed. Go into the BACKUP directory there under your hotsync name. Double-click the applications that you KNOW work properly, and any additional databases that you want to use.

    It's a little more manual work (such as re-entering Blazer bookmarks), but you'll be much happier in the long run.

    - Joe
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    Depends on situation

    1. If from another palm device do this. Got to your palm folder look for your profile name (see handspring's guide in website)

    2. Copy this profile in another folder as backup, preferably in another folder of PC.

    3. go back inside your profile folder (the one you copied from), then go inside backup folder, delete everything inside the backup folder.
    2. Then load the T600 CD install software that came with your phone and follow directions.

    STRICTLY observe that are connected over the internet to download phone settings and that
    b. you say yes if asked by software if they will quarantine potentially incompatible software.

    If everything is okay hot sync and enjoy.

    II. IF there is a problem.

    1. Do a hard reset on your T600 (make sure that the date in your desktop is still intact though before hard resetting)

    2. Go to hotsync icon beside PC desktop's clock. Right click to pull out menu, click on custom and then make sure that everything is set to do nothing.

    3. Except that the setting Desktop overwrites handheld should be on for the contacts, to, memo and calendar. then hot sync.

    If everything on the T600 now runs fine then your desktop is dumping a software on the T600 whihc caused the problem in Situation 1.
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    This is very good info here--

    I don't have mine yet but wouldn't you also consider doing all that you suggest PLUS creating a new user name for the new Treo 600? I have seen this suggested elsewhere on the board. I believe that would be cleaner and then install fresh copies of programs and add the history to it once everything was up and running smoothly.

    It may be simplistic, but this is the method I will use as I am going to have two Palm users, anyhow, for the first time with this unit. I plan to keep my Prism for the odd project.

    Thanks!! Good stuff!
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    If you have software that you want to use on the 600 that ties the registration to the hotsync name, you will have to pay for it again. That's the downside to a new hotsync name.
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    Or should I say, 'DOH!

    Of course, I do, gee whiz, thanks! I am glad we had this discussion. I would of course want to take those forward.

    So, I will probably give the old Prism a new user name because I won't be syncing contacts and calendar there (or using most of the applications, either!)

    I will do the rename directories and install new like you all are talking about and keep the username the same!

    Glad not to be the earliest adopter, but sorry to have to wait for new account with Tmobile in order to get my Treo 600!

    Thanks, again!

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