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    Just saw a little ad on the vaja site for the T600 Ivolution. Hope its nice!
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    I just sent them an email asking when it will be available. They responded in less than an hour. They confirmed that an I-Volution case will be coming out, but said they they couldn't give a date.
    Anybody have any inside info on the date it will come out?

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    I pre-ordered the "classic" case already from Vaja. Is the In-Ovation case different? If so how is it different? Thanks.
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    Take a look at the Vaja site. You'll see a preview of the 600 I-volution case on the left. Also, take a look at the I-volutions for other phones/pdas and you'll get the idea.
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    The I-Volution item for that device is now under development and we
    cannot provide a specific date for its release. Anyway, when the item has
    been launched we will let you know by e-mail.
    Thanks for your interest in our cases

    Best regards

    María Cecilia
    García Querol
    Customer Service
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    I wish there was a better picture!
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    I bet it will look like the ipod case ipod link
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    Actually I think it will be mor like the Sony Ericsson phone reviewed here. Sony/Eirccson Case review
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    Hi there,

    Anyone know if the i-Volution case will cover the keyboard? I hope it doesn't otherwise it renders the whole device pretty useless. Any info about this?

    What about the camera, will it cover that, or is there a cut-out?

    I really hope Vaja takes care of those two things.

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    I'm not sure what way they're going to design it. The preview picture on the left would appear that the keyboard is not covered. But, looking at the Tungsten W I-volution case, I think the most similar phone to a 600, they use a flip design. Can't wait to see it either way though...I still don't like any of the case choices available yet.

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