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    I ripped open the box and immediately charged the 600 with the shortest cable that would fit the wall and the bottom socket. After I disconnected the prize possession, I could swear I noticed a high pitch squeal from..who knows where. Over time I realized it was the Treo charger whenever it was plugged into the wall but not charging the unit.

    So I tried the full set it up to the computer to see if connecting all the ends might make it stop. NOPE,,my ears are still ringing like Scooby.

    Any advice? Do any third party cradles, etc. stop the ringing? Or do we just live with removing unit and unplugging charger to save our ears?

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    man that's dangerous i suggest you ask the seller or handspring to replace the charger with another one.

    It can burn the treo (if the charger is faulty and pumps out a higher than usual voltage) or shorten battery life if it pumps out a voltage lower than that which is required by the lithium ions

    It could still be worse

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