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    Selecting items with the stylus on my 600, especially around the perimeter, often takes a much harder press than seems reasonable or safe for the screen. I think this is primarily due to the clear vynl conver on the $30 case I purchased from Handspring when I got the 600. Using the touchscreen without the case covering is much easier. I read in an earlier post where someone cut this clear covering off the case, which is what I'm considering doing. I rather liked the added feeling of protection the covering gave, but the decreased sensitivity is a real annoyance.
    I sure wish there were a case with a thinning, more responsive covering at a reasonable price. Any thoughts on these issues would be appreciated. Ken
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    many people are un aware that the touchscreen prefs in prefrences actually teach the device how the user uses the stylus (which is unique to all of us).

    So i suggest you try going back into prefrences and going to touchscreen with the cover on and show the device how u tend to use it with the cover on !!
    we'll see what happens!
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    I finally decided to cut the clear vinyl off of the screen area, and I'm very pleased with the results. I already had a screen protector on, so I'm not concerned it will get scratched from the increased exposure. The added responsiveness is much improved when I use the screen to write on using Grafitti Anywere, and it's now much easier to select items with the stylus without undue force, which was required with the covering.

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