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    Waited for the Sprint Treo 600.
    Ordered it from Handspring as soon as they posted their upgrade offer.

    My 28th day with is unit today. Sold it on ebay and opted for flexibility with a WiFi/Bluetooth PPC and SonyEricsson T610 on T-Mobile.

    Due to corporate policies - I needed to change carriers. Did not want to do it with the T600 though.

    Thanks for the fun, tips, and insight.
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    Adios and happy trails! Hope the Bluetooth solution works out for you.
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    The times I used the Treo 600 outside I'm walking, driving, rushing...

    No time to hook two devices and do Bluetooth magic while driving, etc.

    No, Treo has the form needed for practical portable performance.

    I wish it had 320 x 320. The rest is perfect.

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