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    I was using the TREo 600 special case from Handspring. The one where the case clips onto the belt release.

    I had the TREO 600 in the case. I snapped the case onto the belt. I took a 3 block walk to get some pizza.

    I went to make a call. OH No! I had the case and the clip but no phone.

    The case was upside down and open. The snap was open. While the snap was unsnapped, the phone spun upside down and the phone fell out. I was running up and down the street thinking that someone pick pocketed me. I was backed up and wondering if I needed to make a police report to use my Sprint insurance.

    Another problem is that the entire clip can be pulled off of the belt. It is much better if the belt has to be slipped through a loop in the clip. It is too easy for it to fall off or be stolen by someone just grabbing it.

    I got a call from a neighbor who found the phone. I offered a reward but the person would not take it.

    The case is of a poorly thought out design. If I can find the packing slip I will send it back to Handspring.

    This is a warning to anyone using the Handspring clip on case.
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    Not sure which case you mean by Clip-On Case. The form fitting leather case with clear plastic window or the side case? the Side carry case doesn't spin around as the clip does not rotate and the form fitting case is so snug to put on and take off I'm not sure how it could slip out of the case. I can see how the knob could come out of the belt clip but it would still be in the case.

    Could you clarify?
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    Its the one that you have to pay extra for with the clear plastic front part that you mentioned. "The form fitting leather case with clear plastic window."

    Either I forgot to "snap the snap" closed or it rubbed on my winter coat and opened the snap.

    Next the phone rotated on the hinge until it was upside down. I now remember walking quickly and taking a step on to a curb. This is near where the phone was found.

    The phone at this point is upside down in the case. The snap is open. There is absolutely nothing to hold the phone into the case. It slipped out onto the floor without me knowing it.

    I guess that this would eventually happen to many people with this type of case. It has nothing to do with being careful. If the snap opens and the phone gets pushed on the hinge until the phone is upside down, it will slip out of the case and fall out!

    If I was not clear in my description please let me know and I will try to describe the situation better.

    For now I put a rubber band around the case and phone in the vertical direction. Wow it looks really geeky and sloppy now.

    I hope I can find my receipt to get a refund and then I will look for a third party case.

    WARNING WILL ROBINSON! DANGER DANGER! of loosing our phohes.
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    My husband has a Kyocera 2235 (soon to move up to Treo600 to match mine!) and I tried my phone in his leather case... it really fit fine.... one of the speaker holes doesn't quite line up, but most do. We called the phone while in the case and you could hear fine. Here's a web site for the case and it's only $7.50!!! Might be worth a try.... the clip doesn't swivel, nor is it removable (a feature I don't want because I carry it in my purse), but for those that do want to hook it on your belt... it's a nice case. Thought I'd pass this info along. Hope it helps!
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    Just found it here for $2.99!!!
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    One last thing... just tried the case again... the treo is a tad wider so the keys on the far left and far right aren't totally visible through the clear plastic, but for $2.99 you can still hit them and it works as long as you can remember what the keys are. The sides are a stretch material so you can slide it a little... it's not perfect, but it's a pretty good fit!!
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    Thanks for the info. The price is great.
    I will wait a little while and see if someone makes a clip on swivel like I have that has some of the problems removed. I really would like it to attach to my belt.

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