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    I think that my Treo 600 has a defective card slot. The manual suggests that there should be a tone when you insert a card. I don't get a tone - and I have to reset the Treo in order for it to recognize that a new card has been inserted. If I reset it now with no card in the slot, I get an "invalid card" message.

    I am using a 128M Kingmax MMC card which is thicker than the other MMC cards I have. It clicks halfway in before it then goes all the way in and seats firmly. I have also tried thinner lower capacity cards and I have this problem with all of the.

    How does switching cards work for others? Do I need to get the Treo repaired or replaced?

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    You probably broke the SD card slot using one of the unsupported knock-off cards that are appearing on the market. Handspring warned about this on their site. They call out Kingmax cards in particular:

    It's tough luck. You probably will have a hard time getting a replacement. It's like putting bad fuel in your car.
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    Thanks for directing me there. My card is actually an MMC card and those do not have notches anyway. The symptoms that they describe do fit, though. I wonder if we should avoid all MMC cards because the notches are not there?

    I do have the Sprint protection plan, so the repair should be covered - but I'm not thirlled at being without the 600 for a while so soon after I bought it.
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    i've seen some of the cards too. In fact, one of my coworkers had an MMC card and it didn't work in my treo. good thing i didnt' break it.

    I see too many people searching for cheap SD cards. This is one of those things you don't skimp on. Get branded ones only, guys. I can say that sandisk, pny, and fuji all work (those are the best buy brands). fuji is made by sandisk and pny by toshiba.
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    Lexar SD Cards work perfectly too.

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