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    I was playing with a new 600 all day..rock solid...impressive web downloads. So I decide to install the desktop and get serious with the device. Now I get soft resets left and right...any web request...Grey Screen of Death...even normal phone operations send the unit back to go.

    Any advice?

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    I've seen this happen multiple times, for two different treo600 users in just the past week.

    Didn't get a chance to fully diagnose, but both of them had OLD palm software installed on their PC. They installed the versions bundled with the treo on top of that.

    I recommended stripping out ALL the palm software (treo and older versions) and then reinstalling from the treo disc (thus there would be no older versions on the PC before installing the treo version of the sync software).

    This approach seemed to work. Again, this is anecdotal, so no guarantees. But would be worth a try.

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