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    I used to use a program called SEATRAFFIC for my Treo 300 that would show the different road views in Seattle and the traffic density. Granted it was in black and white and was a program for the PalmVII but it did work. With my new TREO 600 web clipping programs don't work and there is not one I could find specifically for the Treo 600. There is one for the Palm Tungsten W but I tried it on my TREO and only got soft resets every time. Has anybody seen an application for the Treo 600 that would let me see what traffic in Seattle to miss?
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    I sent a mail to the author of SeaTraffic a couple weeks ago and got this reply:

    I am working on it. I have a version working on the Tungsten C (WiFi)
    - PalmOS 5.0. I tested the new version once on a Treo 600 and it still
    had problems. Is the Treo 600 available to the public? I don't have

    I told him the 600 is in fact out and I would be happy to test it for him if necessary. I haven't heard back from him, but it sounds like it's in the works. Right now I just link directly to the bridges frame on the WSDOT page. It's not speedy, but it works in full page view on Blazer.
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    Thanks for your reply. I also wrote to Seatraffic and here was his reply, "Subject: Re: SEA Traffic for TREO 600
    I'm working on it. I have it working on the Tungsten C (WiFi) that is
    OS 5.0 so I'm half way there. I've also brought it up to the latest DOT
    data. Hopefully I'll finish it within the next few months.

    Thanks for your interest.

    Eric "

    So looks like it is getting closer.


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