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    Hello all. I've been looking all over the phone preferences and I can't find any setting for "you have voicemail waiting" reminder alerts. So far I've missed two voicemails for half a day simply because I didn't know I had any. Is there a setting for voicemail reminder alerts anywhere?
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    Can'tt answer that for sure as I haven't got my 600 yet but I'm pretty sure that the answer is no.
    I recommend that you take a look at "treoalertmgr" from pda apps:

    This will solve your problem.
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    GSM networks use one of two style of voicemail alert in general.

    Cingular in the US uses the reel indicator which is persistent until you read/save/delete your voicemail. This is a helpful style that keeps a reminder to prompt you that there's vmail.

    TMobile uses tĄ
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    TMobile uses another system that only displays an alert once but has no nag/reel indication.

    Anyone know what style ATT uses?

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