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    Intereting...I am a T/W owner and have been following the T600 forum for a while now...wanting very badly to be convinced that the T600 is the better unit. But after reading all the commentary, it seems that Palm actually did an OK job on the T/W -- the only major flaw being no built in speaker/mic. (They are obviously other feature/functionality trade-offs, but for me personally these have not been show stoppers, e.g., chip speed, no-MP3).

    On the T/W forum you don't tend to see a lot of the functional flaw comments that are being seen here.

    One hopes that the new PalmOne takes the best of both units.
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    I absolutely agree. While I really like the T600, my ideal PDAPhone is much more biased to the PDA side. Right now there are NO OS5 pda centric palmphone devices. All of the newest devices are more phonelike than I prefer. The TW was close and I would buy a next gen OS5 TW (if it had a mic and speaker) in a heardbeat.
    Jake Pratt
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    I would have bought a T/W already if they were not locked to ATT. But I am happy now as my T600 GSM is on order - just have to wait now...just have to wait...

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    I concur For Me IMO the Tw would have been great! If it were not for two things AT&T and built in Mic and Ear peace. I have very large hands and the Tw would have worked great for me. However the Size of the T6 also work with Jeans being smaller than my wallet. And my wife loves the size of her T6. So it fits for all.
    So I will enjoy what is available Now and now hope for the furture.

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