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    Just got my new Treo (UK Orange GSM) and very pleased with it.

    One thing I have noticed is that the visible screen area is over to the left of the screen aperture. There is a wider black strip down the right and very little down the left.

    Is this a common feature (a necessary part of the design) or are others better aligned?

    No real problem. All seems to work fine.

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    Check out this text from the FAQs on Handspring's ... errr.... palmOne's site. It addresses your question directly and has been discussed on this board extensively.

    Why is my Treo 600 screen slightly off-center? Is it defective?

    Nope. We designed it that way. All Treo 600 screens are slightly off-center (to the left).

    The screen: size vs. symmetry
    In order to design the Treo 600 as one of the most compact smartphones ever created, we had to squeeze the screen, along with all the other components, into a space of 4.4 x 2.4 x 0.9 inches. Rather than make the device symmetrical (and larger), we nudged the screen less than a quarter of an inch off-center, in order to accommodate the other components in minimal space.

    During the design phase, our hardware designers toyed with increasing the width of the plastic casing along the right side of the screen (thus centering the screen in a plastic square that was slightly wider on the right), or making the device itself larger, but they didn't like the way that looked. We went with the more attractive option.

    Is it a defect?
    No, this has been part of the Treo 600 specification from very early in the design phase.

    Our product designers decided on a form factor that maximized the space available in an amazingly compact package. We think they did a fantastic job.
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    I don't mind this. It helps me to more easily hit the scrollbar with my
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    Thanks for replies.

    Sorry to post - hadn't checked far enough back here or on the PalmOne site.

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    I'm personally glad you posted the question. I'd wondered the same thing and hadn't looked back far enough to find it myself!
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