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    I'm having a strange problem. I reach into my pocket to make a phone call or check email and my Palm screen blinks and then resets itself. Using ##377 I see that the Phone application caused the reset.
    I checked Handspring tech support and they give a number of explanations why this can happen including (believe it or not) the kind of fabric your pants are made from. Apparently some fabrics cause more static build-up than others. Well I'm not wearing polyester pants, but I started using the sleeve/case that came with my Treo. I also removed the AOL application which often caused my Samsung i330 to crash, although much more often. This didn't solve the problem so I deleted two applications that I had recently added. (For the first week or so I had the Treo, it never reset like this.) I still have the problem intermittantly. I suppose I could hard-reset and see if that fixes it but does anyone else have any ideas what could be causing this?
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    I was having the same problem so I set the phone on the desk next to me. It turned out the phone was reseting every few minutes. I turned off the auto-update on business connection and it stopped. My battery also lasts longer than a day now.

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    I had this problem also.

    it was the Trial version of TC Ringer I was testing.

    I deactivated it and now it doesn;t do it.

    I don't think it is because of your polyester thats just willy.

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