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    Good day for me... My job decided that I get a new phone. A Treo300. My inner-geek is all a flutter. I have a few questions tho.
    With only 16MB of memory I will have to be carefull what I load. Can i get some suggestions on helpfull, time saving apps? I have used a pocket pc for a while and am sick of loading apps on just to find out they REALLY suck. Is the battery as bad as I have heard? Thanks for your time. I am really excited about this phone!
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    snappermail and handmark scrabble. I enjoy e-books: best sellers, etc, are on peanut press. I have xiino, but IMHO blazer is good enough. I would do pdanet, but my PC Iis windows 98, and it requires xp or 98SE.
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    Here are the must haves
    Treohelper - Helps save you from blinking red light of death
    Treo Button - allows you to map the buttons and lid behavior

    Nice to haves:
    Quick Office or Docs to Go - pick the best one for you. I have poor desktop computer performance with docs to go. Try before you buy
    BigClock - Nice clock program

    Snappermail is nice, but if you have a firewall or need IMAP I have found Visto (formerly treo mail) to be rock solid. Not as many features, but it works. I have tried inbox to go... visto is clean and simple

    I used to have a PPC and loved Agenda Fusion. All of the Palm PIMs you can try are a disappointment compared with that. Agendus and contacts to go are nice, but are out of the treo's horsepower rating in any usable sense.

    I just stick with the standard PIMs and deal with it. The 600 will have to save me someday.
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    Thanks for the replies! I get the phone tomorrow. Very excited to play. I looked at the 600 today. felt wierd to me. Sorta happy about that. I hate to get something new knowing a better version just came out.
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    I also just became a Treo 300 user. I got one under waranty from CC for a broken 6035, and I am liking it a lot. I can not get the 600, because my company does not allow camera phines. The battery life has not been too bad. I checked 3 email accounts every half hour, did abt 40 min of surfing and 30 min of phone call and had abt 60% battery life at the end of the day.


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