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    anyone have new information Verizon and Treo?
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    Last I heard Verizon was working on a possible deal with Handspring to carry the unit. Verizon has very tough QC and If they do get it, it probably won't be till next year.

    However, I hear Verizon is close to releasing the Samsung i600 which uses the Microsoft Pocket PC platform. It's a pretty nice looking phone, but doesn't have a camera or bluetooth and runs the 2002 software instead of 2003. They may offer an upgrade later on. You can check it out here:

    I know many prefer the Palm OS, so this is just an FYI.
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    there is no comparison between the i600 and the Treo 600. the i600 is really a 'read only' device with a small screen (1.5 x 1.5), no real method for input (besides ABC/T9 like most cell phones) and geared more towards corporate people who want to read their outlook email and sync with their computers.
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    they are very different devices. the i600 has higher resolution in it's smaller screen resulting in crisp images and video playback, and has better color depth at 65k. the i600 is phone first, pda second and doesn't have a touch screen. of course, it doesn't need it because you have the keypad and t9 to enter data and you can nativgate the entire system with the 5way.

    The treo 600 has more data entry options, more 3rd party software options, runs the Palm OS (which is a plus IMO), and is available for GSM and CDMA networks. With the keyboard, it is better positioned for those who participate in heavy email/sms.

    I'm trying to decide between the two myself. I mostly access data while on the road as opposed to entering it, and the i600 may fit the bill. However, if the treo was available for Verizon, my decision would be even harder than deciding between the i600 and the GSM treo 600 (I have Cingular as well). Regardless, I think both are good devices and suit different needs.

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