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    Their website says it supports it but in the demo the lowest rez I can find is 320x320? Anyone know how to enable 160X160 on this 600, I'm thinking it may work a little nicer at the native rez maybe??? Thx.
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    Did you have to do anything for it to work? I installed it and couldn't connect to anything. In fact, my Treo 600 required a soft reset to do anything after trying to connect to anything. Multiple, repeated times... So sad, because I'd love to be able to use this.
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    Did nothing special. Installed the prc and it works like a charm, just trying to figure out what resolution it connects at works best.....Have no idea what to do if it doesn't work for ya. Maybe try a hard reset and install it as your only 3rd party app, if it works them most likely some other app is causing it not to work.

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