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    I own a sprint treo 600 and I just downloaded and installed eudora(only the mail client and not eudora web) from eudora to send and receive messages from my Yahoo! mail far it works well except...when i am viewing my inbox with messages of more than one page or 12 emails it will not let me scroll past the first page of e mails in my inbox, but if I delete the 12th message the message from the next page takes it's this a bug or is there a fix...

    Also, is is possible to use the "SMS envelope" button on the face of the phone to access Eudora and my e mail or can I use SMS to send eurdora e mails...I hope that makes sense or should I just create a favorte button...thanks.

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    Is the Eudora web and email client for the PalmOS still being developed? They seem to have been at the current version for the past 2 years.

    I know Eudora is free, but I would strongly recommend you check out Snapper Mail.

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