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    Aloha All,
    I've been waiting for a PalmOS phone to become available on AT&T for a while, and so was happy to see that the 600 will be available soon.

    That happiness evaporated when I saw the cost of AT&T's data plans. From what I can tell, unlimited access on Sprint is $15/mo, but $80 on AT&T. For a comparable price, AT&T gives you only 8 megs for $20/mo.

    So, my question is, how long does 8 megs of transfer last? I wouldn't be using the 600 for business, so would be browsing a few sites per day, mostly news or Wikipedia articles, and reading a few emails.

    Would 8 megs last for a month, or would I end up going over?

    I'd flip to Sprint, but I've got 6 months left on my AT&T contract.

    Thanks for your opinions.

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    I use my phone constantly for email and occasionally for web. After the newness wore off I check the web maybe once per day. As far as email goes - I stop all attachments over 100k from downloading. After 3 weeks - I've used 29 megs.

    That 8 megs is gonna go awefully quickly.
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    That is why I went with Sprint and their 600. You could browse the regular internet and download an 8mb photo. You're done!

    I have decided that no matter what the device is, I will never have data service unless it's unlimited. I can't stand the worry.
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    I too left Cingular for Sprint for 2 reasons. Faster download speeds and unlimited usage.

    In 20 days I've downloaded 50 megs. That's moderate browsing (about an hour a day) and email throughout the day.

    Search this forum, there was a thread asking how much people used. It's eye opening to see how much some people download. Of course it's easier with streaming audio.

    The key thing about this phone over previous Treo's is it's improved Internet support. Why cripple the phone with lousy data service?
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    The AT&T data plans are very poor. Way too much for the price.

    I blew through 8MB in under a week with light web surfing and personal email. Then I added BizConn and usage went even higher. I think on average I do between 6-10MB/week.

    Get an unlimited plan. The Treo is such a cool device and you'll be able to do so many things with it - but only if you can use the connectivity. A Lot.

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